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Reserva Exclusiva & Tiramisu: The Perfect Ending To Any Meal

10 November, 2020

Ciao Italia!  We have many reasons to love you… Your passion for design, the rich history and artistic heritage you have in almost every street, your remarkable culture of fashion and, above all, your local cuisine. And for sweet lovers, we stage the real Italian dessert, tiramisu. A whim with the unmistakable aroma of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, the perfect ending to any meal.


It is difficult to know how and when tiramisu was first made, but it is very obvious that it has already become an icon of Italian cuisine. Its origin is relatively recent, since using delicate ingredients such as raw eggs was not very popular in the past. Several chefs have claimed the paternity throughout the second half of the 20th century, among them Roberto Linguanotto, a pastry chef from Treviso, or Carmiantonio Iannaccone, who coincidentally had also his restaurant in the same city, located just 40 kilometers from Venice.

Anyhow, knowing the name of the inventor is not mandatory to enjoy this wonderful dessert. It looks quite clear, and this would give credibility to those chefs who claim the creation, that tiramisu was born in Northern Italy. The main reason is that the main ingredient, mascarpone cheese, is originally from Lombardy, a region whose capital is Milan. The use of coffee also speaks about the best tradition of a country that has exported many terms related to this wonderful drink: espresso, ristreto, doppio or lungo… You sure know what we are talking about!

  • The perfect food pairing

Tiramisu is a dessert that perfectly combines three top ingredients: the aforementioned mascarpone and coffee with the most exclusive cocoa, which is added powdered at the end to give this creation a perfect equilibrium. This combination, seasoned by the softness of the egg and the consistency of the sponge cakes, known in Italy as savoiardi (because of its origin, Savoy), ends up convincing us.

On this occasion, we will use Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, a blend of the best rums aged up to 12 years meticulously selected by our rum masters, to make the dessert even better. By adding rum to the coffee -both will later moisten the sponge cakes-, we will bring unique aromas, including notes of orange peel, licorice or caramel, a perfect match with the freshness of the cheese and the bitterness that comes from both the coffee and the cocoa.

If we enjoy this dessert with a glass of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, neat or on the rocks, we will have the perfect ending for that feast that will surely have included a tasty Neapolitan pizza, some gorgonzola, pere e noci ravioli or a tonnato vitello, that nearly magical combination of beef and tuna…  Tiramisu will give us a spectacular ending that will fully transport us to the heart of Italy.

  • Special Tiramisu recipe with DRE

Tiramisu (for four cocktail glasses)tiramisu-special-recipe-diplomatico-rum 

For the cream

2 egg whites

4 egg yolks

100 g. sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

300 g. of mascarpone cheese


We beat the egg whites until stiff and keep in the fridge. In another bowl, we beat the yolks together with the sugar until they triple in volume, then add the vanilla extract and the mascarpone cheese little by little until we get a soft and fluffy dough, without lumps. We incorporate the stiff egg whites using a spatula, with soft movements, until all the ingredients are perfectly blended.

For the coffee

1 cup of coffee

½ cup of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva rum

1 spoon of sugar


We mix the sugar with a freshly brewed coffee and add Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva. Let it cool down.

For decoration

12 sponge cakes (savoiardi style)

4 ounces of dark chocolate

Cocoa powder

Final preparation

In a cocktail type glass, we put three sponge cakes divided into small pieces on the bottom and reserve half of one of the cakes to decorate later. We pour the coffee over the cakes, trying to soak all the cakes properly. We add the cream over the soaked cakes without filling the glass completely. Then we decorate with both the piece of cake and the ounce of chocolate that we had reserved. Finally we sprinkle a little bit of cocoa powder.