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Diplomático’s identity is rooted in deep family values and a genuine commitment to quality. It is the result of a unique blend of passion and craftsmanship. Diplomático is recognized for being one of the leading super premium rums worldwide and for its multi-award winning taste. Its range of complex rums delivers a signature taste that results from mastering the art of blending over all else. 

How do we craft our rums?

Diplomático´s production process is a complex alchemy of passion and craft. Its signature flavor results from mastering the art of distilling and blending over all else. The highest quality standards are met in every step of the rum-making process from the sourcing of raw materials to the bottling. 

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane is the raw material used in rum making. The climate and environmental ecosystem where Diplomático sugarcane is cultivated has ideal conditions for its growth thanks to the seasonality and humidity in the area. 

The sugar cane used to produce Diplomático rums is locally sourced in Venezuela, sent to sugar factories, and transformed into sugarcane molasses to begin the rum elaboration process.


Fermentation is the process by which sugar in the molasses is transformed into alcohol.

As most of the aromatic compounds are created during fermentation, this part of the process is crucial. Molasses is fermented for at least 24 hours to obtain a very aromatic liquid, between 6% and 8% ABV.


The distillery houses a series of unique systems for both continuous and batch distillations. These are pot still distillation, batch kettle distillation and column distillation This variety is key to achieving the unique flavor profile that characterizes Diplomático. It enables the creation of different light and heavy rum profiles which, once aged and blended, give our rums a complexity that is comparable to any of the world’s finest whiskeys. 

The unique combination of batch kettle and pot still distillations is at the heart of the Diplomático style, which is further complemented with column distillation to balance its profile. 


All Diplomático rums are aged in oak barrels to reach the desired flavor profile for each of our rums. Most of the flavors and aromas found in rum are created during the aging process. Diplomático utilizes mainly ex-bourbon and ex-whiskey barrels for aging the rums. Once the rums in each barrel have reached optimum maturity, they are blended in different proportions to obtain the desired taste profile in each of the expressions. 


Blending is the secret of fine rum. It allows for the use of many different types and styles of rum to create a particular blend. It involves masterfully and artfully combining rums coming from different distillation systems, different barrel types, different ages, and different intensity profiles which have been carefully selected to create a unique expression. 


Don Juancho

The Don Juancho icon is inspired by the ‘Mantuanos’, Venezuelan noblemen in the 19th century renowned for their discernment and diplomacy.

They travelled widely, trading local artisanal goods, and became trusted local ambassadors who championed their region wherever they went.

True diplomats of the era, their story inspired our name.



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