Special Cocktails

Mastering simplicity: Planas Daiquiri

19 July, 2020

Cocktails are quite magical, aren’t they? They have a way of bringing people together, sparking delightful conversations and debates, bringing passion to the dullest of evenings. 

One of the things we deeply love is a good cocktail. There is an art to cocktail-making. Even for the simplest of cocktails, there is a “savoir-faire”, a set of little details that don’t seem important at first. However, ignore them, and the result is just ‘not the same’.

Mastering the art of cocktail-making (also called ‘Liquid Arts’) is not about the fancy instruments you use nor the wide variety of ingredients you add, it is all about balance. Finding that perfect combination of ingredients and making the flavors balance each other. And most of the time, simple is best.One of our favorite cocktails is the Daiquiri. The king of simplicity, the Daiquiri is one of the best examples of strong, sweet and sour. But like with other cocktails, and even more with this one, balance is key. For this particular cocktail, we use Diplomático Planas, elegant, rich and surprisingly intense for a white rum. The complex charcoal filtration process carried out prior to bottling it gives it its crystal clear appearance and smooth finish. 

The challenge here is to retain Planas’ fruity flavors with a silky texture as well as making a delicious, clean, fresh, classic Daiquiri.

To achieve that, all we need is three ingredients and the perfect ratio. No fuss. 



50 ml Planas

20 ml Lime juice

15 ml Sugar syrup


Learn how to prepare it here

So here it is, an all-time classic. Simple, elegant, and that will continue to intrigue us for a long time to come.