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DRE & Tiramisu - Diplomatico Rum
Diplomático Rum
Reserva Exclusiva & Tiramisu: The Perfect Ending To Any Meal
10 November, 2020:

Ciao Italia!  We have many reasons to love you… Your passion for design, the rich […]

International Art Day: The Art of Rum Making
25 October, 2020:

A pipe, an idea in a glass, an unmistakable label. It was 1914 and Pablo […]

Diplomatico Coffee Day
Pairing two products that share origin and passion: coffee and Diplomático Rum
1 October, 2020:

Today is International Coffee Day. As for many other wonderful things in our world, it […]

Diplomático Rum
Rum and Chocolate, one of the best possible rum pairings
9 September, 2020:

Chocolate is, without a doubt, one of the star products of gastronomy world-wide. Made from […]

The best summer drinks with rum
5 August, 2020:

Summer, one of the most appreciated and loved seasons, is present in many places around […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
Our Maestro Ronero: Nelson Hernandez
27 July, 2020:

“As a master rum maker, passion is the most important thing”   Every drop of […]

National Daiquiri Day
Mastering simplicity: Planas Daiquiri
19 July, 2020:

Cocktails are quite magical, aren’t they? They have a way of bringing people together, sparking […]

Diplomático Rum
Our commitment to the environment
5 June, 2020:

Today, we celebrate World Environment Day. We take a moment to think about our beautiful […]

Diplomático Rum
Welcome to ‘The Heart of Rum’
5 May, 2020:

Our story is one of heart. One of dedication, passion and craftsmanship, deeply authentic and […]

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