Cocktails with Mantuano

Mai Tai

The Mai Tai cocktail is one of the most well known Tiki cocktails and was born in the 1930’s, when the exotic decor and music of the Polynesian culture was brought over to bars in the United States.

Following the original recipe of this delicious cocktail, in which white rum and dark rum are mixed, we suggest preparing it with Diplomático Planas and Diplomático Mantuano to obtain a perfectly balanced cocktail with tropical hints.



  • 25 ml Planas
  • 25 ml Mantuano
  • 10 ml Orange liquor
  • 20 ml Lime juice
  • 30 ml Pineapple juice


  • Short glass


  • Serve straight up


  • Fresh Mint and cherry


  • Add all ingredients to shaker, with crushed ice for a bit of dilution. Shake and serve over ice.

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