Cocktails with Reserva Exclusiva

Diplomatico Orange Cocoa Experience (DOC)

Savor the delicious pairing of orange and cocoa with Reserva Exclusiva for an exquisite sensory experience.
While the orange provides freshness, sweetness and acidity, highlighting the orange notes found in Reserva Exclusiva; the cocoa, full of flavor, highlights its complexity.
Its slightly bitter notes contrast deliciously with the sweetness of this exceptional rum for an delightful tasting experience.



  • 60 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
  • A slice of orange
  • Unsweetened raw cocoa powder


  • Old fashioned or any sipping glass


  • Enjoy neat or with ice


  • No garnish needed! Just alternate between a sip of Reserva Exclusiva and a slice of orange with cocoa.


  • Take your orange, cut it in half, cut a slice (about 6 mm) and cut it into 4 equal segments.
  • Pour a teaspoon of cocoa into a small cup, take the 4 orange segments and dip one side into the cocoa powder.
  • Take a rectangular board and place your glass on the left.
  • On the right side of the plate, arrange the 4 orange segments well.
  • You can gently place cocoa powder next to the oranges for those who want more cocoa!

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